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Shaoxing Meizhiliu Knitting Textile Co., Ltd. is a knitted fabric manufacturer integrating production, import and export. The company is located in Paojiang Industrial Zone, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, covering an area of ​​3,500 square meters, with 40 machines and equipment and 60 employees. The company introduces professional circular knitting machine equipment, has professional and technical personnel in the trade field, increases investment in textile fabrics, improves independent innovation capabilities, and provides mid-to-high-end products that meet the needs of international and domestic markets.

The main business scope is: jersey, rib, air layer, cotton wool and other single and double-sided knitted fabrics, as well as fancy knitted fabrics such as terry cloth, thick needle, jacquard, etc., including dyeing, printing, creasing, bronzing, embossing, etc. One-stop production line of various crafts.

At the beginning of the business, the company started from trading to the current integration of industry and trade, and the standardization of various processes. From two people to 60 people, with the support of our suppliers and customers, it has developed all the way to become a professional knitted fabric supplier. For each customer, we will report with the most sincere enthusiasm to meet the needs of customers. From fabric analysis, quotation, development, sample finding, production, transportation and other links are all under our own control. The delivery time of large goods is generally 15-30 days according to the quantity. The color fastness of fabrics can reach six-fiber grade 4-5, and gray fabrics are available for some fabrics, which can be shipped quickly. At present, we mainly export to Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., and also have a small amount of exports in Malaysia. The final garments are from Europe and the United States. According to the different needs of customers, third-party testing and testing reports can be provided.
In the future, Meizhiliu Textile will adhere to the development concept of "Your satisfaction is my pursuit", further standardize the production management system, and create the most influential textile brand with international quality standards. We are eagerly looking forward to cooperating with you. Welcome to inquire!

Company Profile